01 April 2012

Consider You Are Wrong

There must be a reason for everything we tell ourselves. Everything must happen for a reason. There is no room for random within the set walls of reality; if you wish to indulge on the irrational, you must be willing to either give up sanity or to live only in your dreams because there is no room for nonsensicalness within the bounds of true existence. It must be a human property, part of what it means to have rational minds. We must find the rational explanation for everything or at the very least delude ourselves or allow ourselves to be deluded into believing something that is irrational under the pretense, although it is false, that it is in fact rational. It is extremely un-rational to allow our senses to be misguided into believing things that are irrational, which is the greatest irony of the rational minds. Our minds do not allow us to maintain irrational thoughts as true, yet our rational minds do allow for other means of accepting contradictory understandings. It is possible to maintain the belief in two mutually exclusive doctrines within one singular human mind, and then protect that incongruence with stubborn conviction that the doctrine is correct even when it is wrong.
Rational thinking is fallible and gullible. Even those with brain-stems rooted, as they believe, only in the rational bedrock of the cosmos are surly filled with holes enough to be used as a sieve. I’m not suggesting we shed the burdensome cloak of rational thinking and streak about in the fanciful whims of a free mind, but rather we look and treat our minds with a little meekness with the realization that we do not have everything figured out and squared away. Our minds are not file-cabinets. The mind is bigger and more complex—like science in an artistic way. There is no simple summation of the mental workings of man, we are too complex; I feign no solution except to take as a possibility that you are wrong about something from time to time and to think about why you believe and think the way you do or did. Sometimes emotions disguise a line of reasoning in fancy cloths while beneath is just a manikin and not a body at all. There are many reasons and ways that we can be misguided by our own minds. It’s important to consider the way you think and be ready or else you may one day discover you believe many things that are wrong—or worse—never realize that you are wrong.


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