27 April 2012

Tears, Sun, Love

Through a tear-filled field of somber clouds laden with the burdensome load of rain, the sun sluggishly pulled on its trousers like an old man one leg at a time. Then, with reserve that lacked all motivation, as though pausing to muster a strength from within, the sun rested behind the curtain of rain while the day yawned on slowly amid the dreary greyness. The attitude of the sun seemed to soak into the thoughts of those who trudged through life below among the mud and left the heart cold and damp, a feeling that was reflected on everyone’s faces, which were further reflected from the pooling puddles that formed.

But, with a swift motion, like an abrupt but welcome change in symphony from lacrimoso to allegro the sun broke through the clouds with a shout of brilliant light that rang out fluidly with a triumphant feeling that rinsed out the gloom that the morning rain had poured out into hearts. The sharp brilliance with its piercing radiance cut through and exacted out the heaviness like no word spoken or deed done could ever feign to. The simple and forgotten elegance of a sunrise or the outpour of light from a blue sky has no equal in its own unique natural way.

To look up into the blue eyes of a clear sky is seldom seen and appreciated to the extent that it deserves, but even when spoken of it all its poetic glory fades into the background of life when compared to the eyes of a loved one. Many things can touch a heart, but only love can fulfill the heart. 

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