08 April 2012

Easter--Resurrection Sunday

To me Easter is the day we celebrate the fulcrum of all of mankind’s hope—all our hope rests on the death and resurrection of Jesus the messiah. While I don’t really like the name Easter or believe that today was when Jesus arose from the dead, I do love the fact that as families, groups, and for the most part as a nation, we pause and celebrate Jesus’ victory over sin, Satan, and death.

It’s easy to get lost to the meaning of the celebration among all of the traditional festivities. If you take a minute to think about what all of it is actually about and consider the greater ramifications that have much more than echoed but reverberated louder and louder through the pages of time, then you should get a chill down your spine, a tear of joy in your eye, and a feeling of immeasurable love in your heart.

At the time of Jesus crucification and death, the grief unbearable. Here was the man who the hope of existence rested. He was a man unlike any other, he walked in perfect harmony with the footsteps of his Father. I don’t think that we can fully fathom the type of man that Jesus was. To just look in his eyes must have been like looking into a tidal wave of love. Can you imagine the way he would have spoken, to hear his voice? When he died, for a few days, it seemed like that hope was lost—buried beneath the hate, violence, and death he unjustly incurred for being perfect. When he died the earth shook and the sky went dark.

But, he did not stay dead. God raised him from the dead and with him all of us who’s hope is in him—he arose and us with him into a new life incorruptible. The record of our wrong is no longer held against us but pardoned completely. Easter is the day we celebrate the greatest victory and triumph. 


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