17 April 2012

Still Look Better Than Ever

See you by chance on the sidewalk
It’s been weeks since we last talked

I say it’s good to see you here
In my heart I always kept you near

Small-talk about work and weather
You still look better than ever

You ask how I’m doing these days
I fake a grin, good in most ways

We chat for a few minutes more
There’s something that I can’t ignore

Some seconds of awkward silence
There is still something off balance

I can’t keep back what’s in my heart
I say, I’d go back and restart

I’d go back to the beginning
The love plus the loss still equals winning

You don’t know just what to reply
Suddenly you can’t look me in the eye

We stand in silence near the street
I start to feel my own heartbeat

It's clear you don't feel like I do
Your love was a lie, mine was true

You are alright watching me bleed
You are fine, you think you've been freed

But, someday you will see what's gone
I won't wait longer, just move on

The love I gave was never returned
Now I know what pain had for me to learn


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