02 April 2012

What Denial?

I’d rather remain in the pain and anguish,           
Just maintain the lie that I call love and miss

Keep pretending that everything is fine,
Keep ignoring all the indications and signs

I don’t even care that ignorance is not bliss
It still feels like love when compared to this

When I think that you decided to leave
I find that it’s impossible to breathe

I’m denying to believe what truth hints
And I can’t understand where our love went

It’s easier to live an illusion
Than to admit this is the conclusion

Blindness is brighter than all the sunshine,
When I could honestly think you were mine  

I go on like nothing is really wrong
Turn up the radio and sing along

Laugh like life is fine, put a smile on
Dress and act the part, I know how to con

So believe me when I lie, I’m OK
I found a way to live in yesterday

Time can’t take back all my sweet memories
My falling tears are not simple summaries
I can’t let go of what you mean to me
So I’m here like all my dreams came to be

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