06 April 2012

I'll Be Glad When the Old Racist People Die Off

Racist people bother me. They seem to have anger and resentment towards whole races of people without actually considering why. I’ve never heard a racist person actually give a reason why they don’t like the race they dislike. The ones who I’ve spoken with don’t ever give any explanation. In their minds it’s as though they are white and other different colored people are not white, and that means that they are criminals or stupid or in some other way less human than white people. I’m white, but I’ve worked and talked with people from a lot of different races, and a lot of the ones I’ve spoken with are great people. Most people are good from all races. Some people are bad. I don’t understand why or how racism still survives today. Honestly I don’t understand why anyone ever believed or went along with it.

I’ll be glad when the old racist people finally die off and leaves my generation alone. If you are an old idiot, don’t try to talk to me about how great you are because you are white. I don’t care. In fact, because you think you are better than other people because of a superficial thing such as skin color, then you are probably worse than the people you are hating. Seriously, just shut up. The only people who want to talk about black people being bad people are in fact bad people. So, please don’t speak to me ever in a racist way. I like people, white , black, Asian, or any combination of them. There is no difference say for cultural differences. There is no intrinsic inequality which you can cite to justify your condemnation. So put a cork in your face about people of colored skins, and grow up and get smart. And please just shut up. 

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