22 April 2012

Fate Should be Tried for Murder

The idea that the world and you are ruled my a predetermined blueprint that ensures everything has, is and continues to occur according to a plan offers comfort to countless people. Personally I have no fate, no destiny, no purpose that I will fulfill as a result of decisions not my own. You see, there is any room in reality for fate to exist. There is no room within my common sense to accept a belief that everything that happens, happens for a reason. In fact, that idea is very terrifying to me. If everything happens for a reason, then that means that horrible events such as the holocaust happened by and according to the intentioned purpose of someone (some may argue something, but the very idea of a plan indicates that there has to be a planner, someone who sets things into motion). The fatalistic concept of reality does not offer any rational purpose for life, so I assume that people indulge in the idea of fate because it offers comfort. Yet, I ask how can the fact that people are victimized by horrible catastrophes offer comfort. Premeditated murder is worse than accidental murder or crimes of passion. Why is it comforting to know that your child was supposed to get hit by the drunk driver and killed? It does not make me angry when someone accidentally steps on my foot, when they do in on purpose it’s a different story.
Even if there was fate, then you should always decide to not believe in it. If you don’t believe in fate, and you are fated to live a certain path, then no matter what you “choose” will be fate anyway. So you may as well believe there is no such thing as fate and at least believe that you can change things. Worst possible outcome is that there is fate, and you don’t believe in it because you were fated not to, right?

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