20 January 2012

Hope Has Not Departed

You my God you are a warm blanket that covers me in the cold.
You are a caring hand that reaches out to me when I am alone
You are gentle and kind, and your mercy extends all the way from heaven
A safe haven, a place of peace, such is your presence to me
Your steadfastness endures beyond my scope of eternity
Your way, O Lord, is a foundation more sure than the very earth
Time may leave all things behind, but I am remembered always by you
Though engulfed in a tempest, but a word saves me from harm
Though lost in a desert, your joy, O Lord is my strength to continue
Though sought out by darkness, your light drives it far away
What armies set out to defeat, you can uphold in safety
The time comes when all things that stand against you will fall away
The time is coming when all glory will be restored 
The time is coming when your name will echo from every corner
Hope has never departed because you my God have stand fast

06 January 2012

Every Dream

Every dream I ever dreamed could be true, 
Became something that I came home to

Every hopeful wish or heart longing I ever sought
Suddenly became a melody my heart suddenly caught

It's impossible not to sing my heart's new song
Run and dance and shout it all night long

This brand-new up-beat feeling inside of me
Is bigger and stronger that I thought anything could be

All those lost  minutes, months, days, and hours
They're nothing but misplaced memories light overpowered

Every fallen tear I ever shed out of sadness
Each one has been replaced with two tears of gladness

Early Riser

Rising warmth of early rays broke through the cool of night, first as a trickle. Then like a stream that thaws in spring time, all the sun’s intensity poured over the horizon until everything was washed in the bright luminous glow of dawn. It wrapped around the stillness and overturned the groggy feelings that accompany night. Its warm fingers melted away frost formed at midnight, every surface sparkled and twinkled as though clothed in a star-filled night sky. The crisp air sat motionless, as though holding its breath in a calm reluctance to rush into the day. Birds began to dart back and forth against the blue backdrop, but with an air of gentleness, as though tiptoeing across the morning sky trying not to wake daytime just yet. Everything was just perfect. It was waking from a perfect night of sleep, and feeling so rested and content that there was no rush to begin anything new. Just being for just a few seconds was just perfect.


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