30 April 2012

Foolish Atheism

I’ve noticed that some people get emotional about using logic and reasoning. Sometimes people get hurt while believing in God or scripture, and so they decide that it’s ok to become bitter, but they don’t see it as being bitter, and decide that only what they rationalize and logically assume is real is actually real. It’s like their thoughts go, “Well God, since you didn’t come down and stroke my fur and give me my vaccinations, fix my flat tire that one day and lower gas prices , mush up my food so I don’t have to chew and then spoon-feed me while entertaining me with car sounds, you must not exist.” “Screw the reasoning” they say, “that says there must be a God, I’d rather believe something that makes less sense but I can see for the most part, except for the large gaps that I must infer.”
Sure they try to sound very intelligent and use big fancy words in big long books, but dressing a monkey in a dress and teaching it to spin in circles does not make it a ballerina. They try to stand on their little podium that they believe to be at the pinnacle of humans and human achievement—the logical murder of God—and condemn Christians (for the most part Christians but other religions as well). But the truth is they are just loudmouthed and ignorant fools. It’s easy to confuse arrogance with intelligence, people like to follow power, and the well-versed bull-headed atheists have a certain appeal. They like to believe that the appeal is a reasonable one, but it’s more of an emotional one, similar to where gorillas respect the loudest gorilla that can beat its chest the hardest. And sadly, many are just people who got hurt somehow, and can’t figure out that God is not responsible for their problems and decide to blame God for their problems and decide He must not exist—nothing is more painful than a cold shoulder. People are emotional not rational; saying that to a rational atheist will probably get them riled up so be careful—they easily become angry.
Another thing that bothers me about atheists is that they think that Christians need their input on matters of the scripture and God when we really don’t. I frankly don’t give a rip about atheistic views. I've thought about them and I've heard all their "evidence" and it's not very good.  I’d just as soon someone slap my face than have to listen to fools tell me there is no such thing as God. At least the pain makes sense; I was slapped, therefore there is pain. So here is to all the atheists: I don’t care about what you think, and I don’t want to waste life on you unless you are willing to consider the possibility you are wrong. One day you will die, and one day I will die. At that point we will either know or not know who is right. Until then shut up or consul other fools like yourself. Heck, I really don’t care what you do as long as you leave me alone.
I’m sure I made any atheist really upset in writing this. They will probably try to say something that is supposed to make sense that proves me wrong. Probably some emotionally void piece of writing in which they say they were seeking the truth and studied many religions, but the only thing that makes sense in light of all the evidence is atheism. That’s all well and good, but I’ve done the exact same thing, and I came up with there is a God. Sorry about that. If you are an atheist, I do not respectfully disagree. I disrespectfully disagree. I've been burned by arrogant atheists enough.There are times for nice friendly disagreements, but I’m tired of being treated like an idiot for being humble and wise enough to believe what my mind’s eyes see better than my two eyes do.
There are some atheists that I can tolerate, but merely tolerate. According to the Bible, anyone who says there is not God is a fool. Fool is not beyond hope, but I won't spend much time on you. Life is short. Your's too.
So what do you think? Ever had some arrogant atheist push you the wrong way?

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