11 April 2012

The Decay of Good is Positive Motivation

What is it about existence that makes everything so negative? Everything seems to roll downhill. It takes a lot of effort to make someone happy and then they so easily go back to being unhappy. Beautiful things take hours to paint, ugly things are quick. It’s easy to think of a hundred things to write about that are negative, but difficult to think of ten that are truly great. It’s as though everything wants to be good, but is overpowered by the tendency of everything to become bad. Bad ideas are easy to think of, good ideas difficult. Bad is favored over good. Bad things are constantly replenished from good things, and good is constantly turned into bad. Yet, it is only the small amount of momentary good that we painfully manufacture that encourages us to continue on.

Without good relationships, life would be unbearable. Yet, look how much effort goes into making and maintaining a good relationship. The best relationship is imperfect at best, but we stick with them because they still have good in them, and we need good.

What about a nice place to live? They don’t just spring up and exist without repair.
Food, does not just grow on trees oddly enough. Food must be cultivated too.

The list goes on and on.

Time is even against us. We fight and fight until we die to stay young. Everything is against us being happy and healthy. We can’t win. Unfortunately looking at things for how they are also does not make life easy and fun.

The point in all of this? No, it was not to be depressing. In all of this work and drudgery that is life there is then the choice: take whatever is given to you and hope it’s good, or make what is given to you into good. The only guarantee for having any good in your life at all is if you make it that way. You are responsible to bring good where you are at. Even if it is only for a brief fleeting moment. Being able to recognize the difference between good and most everything else makes us responsible for good. It’s our job. It’s not an all bad responsibility. At least we get to decide and recognize the difference between good and enjoy the good that exists. 

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