11 April 2012

The Future Could Become Our Canvas

To you my heart is an open door
I’ll lay all of my pride on the floor

I’ll be honest, tell you everything
For you I will let my secrets sing

I will let you have all of my heart
But before I go ahead and start

I’d like to speak what I have to say
See if there’s time for me in your day

Are you willing to give it a chance?
Am I worth to you that second glance?

Is there a hope that I am the one?
Will I always just be a someone?

We could be more than either of us
The future could become our canvas

Is there a place this feeling can go?
Is there some room for a love to grow?

You have a choice only you can make
Don’t lie to me for mine and your sake

I won’t just give my heart away
I need to know what it is you say

This is your choice to decide and choose
There are many chances that you lose

It’s now or not ever, I won’t wait
Decide if love will grow or abate
It's your destiny to choose your fate
There is a time though when it's to late

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