28 March 2012

Vote For The Lesser Evil

My political voting strategy is to vote for the lesser evil, not to vote for the best of the two candidates—just to vote for the one that is the least terrible. I have operated under the precept that it is an honor and privilege to be able to choose who runs my country. Recently though, I’ve began to wonder if it is really an honor to vote for the lesser of evils. It feels like I am still voting for evil. I still end up putting my stamp of approval on someone who’s policies and general principles I do not support in large part. I am skeptical that choosing the lesser evil is not as noble as it sounds. After filling in the dots on election day, there is this feeling that I still voted for evil. Sure, I may have voted for best of the two, but I still picked someone who I don’t believe is fully fit and functional to lead a country that was up until recently referred to as “The Country” because no other country came close to its unprecedented prosperity and freedoms. It has always been easy to look down on those who don’t vote at all, but in light of my own reevaluation of my voting for a lesser evil, I’m not sure my condemnation has been just.

Yet, I know that if I vote for the candidate that I truly believe would lead America with the dignity, moral justice, prudence, and wisdom to righteously guide our nation along the winding road into the future that I would be “throwing my vote away” because the person I vote for would not win. But if voting for good is the right thing, is it ever wrong to do the right thing? I now longer believe that it is possible to throw a vote away; I think that saying that has served as a rational I've convinced myself to make and buy into in order to feel comfortable voting for someone that I am unsatisfied voting for. What if I voted for who was the best candidate? What if I voted for the person who I honestly thought disserved to be elected? What if you did? 

If I’m the only person in America who is tired of voting for the lesser evil, than my vote and new mindset means nothing, but if there are others and if they begin to vote for the candidate that they believe deserves to be elected, then maybe a candidate who deserves to win would actually win. Maybe if we voted for what we believe instead of voting for who we will believed will win, America would not be decaying like it is now.
The elections are not a time to bet on who will win, where you place votes instead of bets. The president is not a racehorse. If anything the president is the lead horse pulling a coach like those seen in western movies. We don’t want the fancy polished horse for that, we want to most stable experienced one. I’m going to start voting for the most fit president to navigate a rocky mountain trail, not the fast sleek polished one that sounds good and could beat anyone on a short straight away quarter mile dash but would falter on anything found in the wild, found in real life.

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