11 March 2012

Lost and Found

It’s not possible to simply say how your love brought me from so far away
It’s not possible to simply say how much your love does for me today

I was so far gone, beyond hope and lost, nothing left but my own despair
I was gasping for but a single breath of air, at last I cried a desperate prayer

I had nothing but last wishes, just a grayscale shadow of brokenness
But buried beneath the weight of a heavy heart you heard the words I left unspoken

From far away, I could feel something heavenly drawing nearer and nearer
A mighty calm filled the air with a sense of peace never before clearer

He came and rescued me from my self-made misery, wiped away my sorrow
He saved me from myself, repaid all of the future days that I had borrowed

He rescued me back from beyond the brink, broke my chains that kept be held down
Every single knot that I had ever wound, God’s great gracious love quickly unbound


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