25 March 2012

Do You Smell That?

The smell of spring is thick in the air, almost thick enough to taste. Hundreds of flower smells rest in the air briefly like single notes in an orchestra—momentary, complex and unique—in the soft passing breeze. The sun rests in the clear day sky watching earth placidly, earth a single bobber on a stream and the sun resting on the bank enjoying the moment. Birds dart and trill out short sparks and long notes of chipper springtime calls. Dark blue sky, fresh new green grass contrasting with areas still resting in winter slumber make a vibrant kaleidoscope of living color constantly changing and moving and growing together. It is calm and soothing, yet still ignites a pent-up restlessness confined inside while winter passed by severally. Enjoying the moment yet pushed by the moment to embrace life with a fresh and new passion untainted by the time it would take to refine the effort into something more productive. Spring is pushing for change and life and drinking in everything there is to drink and wafting the staleness from the winter air with an explosion of life and painting over the hibernating picture with new bright colors. 


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