23 March 2012

Peace of Solid Ground

Goodbye dark nights and days, looks like nothing but blue skies ahead
Running out of joyful words to shout, going to have to dance around instead

Can’t stand to sit down today, there’s a hop and a skip to each step I take
Excited to see where ever-after ends up, it shows in every move I make

There’s no faking this feeling, I’ve for sure found something sugar sweet
I’m dancing on the moon, running so fast I’m losing track of my feet

This smile is too big for my face, there’s isn’t enough room
Everything sounds like a song that no silence could consume

People scratch their head and wonder why all this grinning
They ask what I’ve won, I can’t answer cause’ my head’s still spinning

This is the proof that there’s no such thing as too good to be true
My heat was all broken and brought low but now it’s just like new

The lurking pains that pulled me down have been shed like my night-light
All things unwell have been buried in the glory of this bright light

I never stopped looking up even when things were looking down
I didn’t wander from the truth, the love, that peace of solid ground

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