21 March 2012

Time to Borrow

Running toward the light at the end of the tunnel
saw my future walking by,
stopped for just a second and gave it a high-five

Went so fast I overtook the starting line,
 mistook it for the past and picked up the pace,
 not enough time to say goodbye to today

Made some more haste
Saw time sitting by the sidelines,
tired of the highway, nothing left to say

Waved to it as I moved on by,
and before long I saw the present headed the other way,
looked like a bad day,
didn’t even look my way

Read ahead to the end of the road
read a road-sign that said it was closed,
took a detour through tomorrow

Found myself on a runway running from the other day
Had to get away so I dove into a wishing-well,
Looking for a story to tell

Dusted myself off, saw the road running home
Asked it to slow down, but it just shrugged its shoulders,
And swerved into the distance

Suddenly I was sitting alone on the sea’s sands
Looked around I realized,
I was right back to where I began.

Trading todays for tomorrows won’t last,
Eventually we’ll run out of time to borrow


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