11 March 2012

Topsy Turvy

My heart found a love it didn’t know about
don’t know how I ever managed to do without

            You’ve made me out of my mind mad in love
This feeling is stronger than anything I ever heard of

            It’s difficult to say where I actually am
But it’s a beautiful place I’ve never before been

           Seems Love set me somewhere up in the clouds
It’s got me straight-up singing out loud

            I’m so far gone I’ve lost sight of the ground
This must be love that you and I found

           Every single second with you is so sugar sweet
You’ve won me over, no one else competes

           Lost my hold on time, reality is in standby
My head is spinning as the world zooms by

           I’d heard about falling head-over-heels
Now I know first-hand just how it feels

           My Life was a puzzle missing a few pieces   
Now it’s better than museum’s masterpieces

I've never felt so beautifully topsy-turvy
Feels like I’m riding in a roller-coaster derby

 I miss you each time I blink my eyes
 Nothing is worse than saying goodbye

 Being near to you makes my heart melt
 It is better than anything I have ever felt

 Among the mess of me I’ve become
 There’s always a joy I can’t help but hum

 You are someone special it’s clear
 Nothing else matters when you are here

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