21 March 2012

Sip-Savor the Day Down to the Last Drop

Life has been a blurry hurry,
haven’t even had time to stop and worry
But it’s about time that I did something right,
I’m gonna sit still until dawn becomes moonlight

I’m gonna live life like I ought to, love it like I use to
Do all the things that I somehow forgot to
Think I’ll give it a try, sit down while I eat my pie
Chew before I swallow live a little before I die

Sip-savor the day down to the last drop
Take a time-out, maybe walk to the top
Forget what it's like to need to yawn
live out dreams 'till the brink of dawn

For too long I’ve out-raced by my own pace
Sick of being straight-legged and suit-faced
Going to get rid of my slacks,
change em’ for a backwards baseball cap

Done speeding on a one-way road to regret
I'm the happiest guy you've ever met
Got my heart a whole new mindset,
gonna’ soak me up some soft slow sunsets

Shrugging off the bad that’s been bugging me,
Bidding farewell to everything unwell
I’m diving headlong into so-long-sorrows,
I hear the sound of a hundred happy tomorrows

Got my feet moving to whole new rhyming rhythm,
Sounds so sweet I can’t help but hum along
It’s got me move’n to an up-beat melody,
say’n hello to a brand-new mellower me

I’m in synch with every single moment
Making laughing my new favorite habit
I’m ready to make some new memories
I’m going to stop and talk and just be me


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