30 May 2012

Goes Without Saying

It really should go without saying

The way I feel is difficult not to show
I thought the look in my eyes had told you so
I doubt I’m the only one here to see it
The way I feel about you is no secret

I thought it was as plain as day obvious
Thought you could see the spark between the two of us,
See the way I feel about you in every heartbeat,
And know the feeling is as strong as concrete

I kept the unspoken truth inside my chest
but the words I hid wouldn't let me rest
Everything I didn’t say, I’m telling you now
These feelings I have are grounded I can vow 

Now is the time to put these feelings into words
It's time to say what I thought your heart overheard
I'll speak it at the top of my lungs, shout it out
Make sure you know your the one I care about

I am as sure as sun for sure falling in love with you
I can’t for a single second stop thinking of you
You're a light feeling in my heart that sings aloud
You sing away all the darkness that I've found

It went without saying, but looking back I’m glad I said it

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