14 May 2012

Truth Taken for Granted

Sometimes the potency of a truth becomes dilute and lacks importance due to repetition, and the punch the meaning carries never reaches the body of the thoughts and delivers the blow of realization that should shake mind and conscience to take action. We say the world needs love, and then they hate. We say take action, just do it, and then are lazy. Let’s seize the day—tomorrow. It seems like the more we know something is important the less we perceive that the quality that makes something important is fact that urgency of action is required. Knowing something is important means knowing that the world, something, or most importantly someone needs help—a help that can be given. But our minds become calloused to the convicting truths that should speak to us and motivate us to take immediate action.

Only when we are fully taking the advice of truths do we have the right to dismiss them, but then we would not want to dismiss them because their value would be clear and respected. There is a large gap that separates our hearts from our minds, and until the truths have soaked into our heats, we will not move when we ought to. Repetition will not build a bridge between our heats and our minds, only by understanding that only an understanding is not enough to move us can we hope to have our hearts push us forward into the arms of progress.


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