29 May 2012

Left Behind by Life

Life never passes anyone by—it begs us to run along with it—to be alive. But to truly live is to accept happiness and sadness, pain and joy, peace and fear and every other positive and negative that can fit into the experiences that make any person a living creature. To embrace life is to embrace an arm-full of all things that pertain to living—the good and the bad. For me, I wish my arms were only bigger and stronger to hug two arms-full worth of life. For others though, the small constant wound of not feeling and being those things is more tolerable than the stronger pains of gaining big and losing big. For some it’s better to never gain anything that can be lost than it is to lose what has been gained. Don’t force life to leave you behind—embrace it. After all, only the things worth dying for are the things worth living for.


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