23 December 2012

The Life We Have

This life we have,

It’s our fields of wheat, corn, and clover
A Song of love that hasn’t grown colder
A song about us that’s never, never over
The knowledge that you can cry on my shoulder
Miles and miles of clear blue skies
The simple song of love in your eyes

It’s not much, but I can’t think of anything I need more
It’s a simple life, built by the hearts of two
It’s the holding the one that I would fight and bleed for
It’s believing in a love that remains true
It’s my favorite tune on grandpa’s fiddle
It’s so much love for a child that’s so little

Just me and you and the little life we dreamed of
Country sunsets, full-moons, and the smell of spring rain
Knowing the world’s better with us teamed-up
It’s feeling the weight of the world’s strain
Seeing your wide smile at the end of a long day
And never running out of words to say

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