26 August 2012

Time is in the Way

Time and space may stand in the way,
but that can’t erase the feeling I wake up with every day

My heart races as I walk the streets searching faces to find you,
and I long for when your heart embraces mine too

I’m slowly falling apart at the seams more each day,
And I live each day chasing after dreams of some day

You are out there now, hoping for a heart that’s giving
and ready to grow the love that’s worth living

Don’t give-in and give-up searching for the right one,
The one that is right now out there looking for you

Keep your chin up and cheer-up and eyes open,
And if you fall down get back up again and keep going

I don’t want to miss you when finally do pass by,
And then have to live each day missing you until I die

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