09 May 2012

Consistency Counts

Consistency counts.
So much is said for the rare occasion where people are inconsistent in a way that steps in the right direction. There are few events more heavily praised than the person who turns their life around from going in reverse-good to simply doing what is good. And, yes, rightfully so. Shedding the grey cloths of a live lived for the wrong reasons is celebration worthy, but what off those who are consistently good.
Being steadfast in upright walk is seldom celebrated. It’s as though as long as you are doing what you are supposed to, then there is no reason to celebrate. Doing the right thing is only celebrated when doing the right thing was chosen after doing the wrong thing. For those who are consistently good, people seem to forget that they still make the decision each day to do right; the recognition is swept under the rug that the converts stand on.
I think that people who are good descent people their entire lives need more praise than they get. There is much to be said about those who are steadfast in their faith and walk in that faith day-in and day-out year after year. That is a rare and difficult accomplishment that deserves as much celebration as the shifting to right-walk. It’s all well and good when an alcoholic reprobate gives up the bottle and gets a job after all those years of milking family and taxpayer, but is that better than the person who for the same fifty years did the right things? No, it’s not. It is much more difficult to live an entire life right than it is to switch at the end, and I think more to be praised.
So, maybe next time you see someone living a disciplined life with discernment, maybe give them a little praise. They were probably not just born as amazing people, they probably worked to become what they are.
Don’t you think they deserve a little praise for that? Don’t you think that they earn it? 

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