27 May 2012

Made to Fellowship

It’s easy to misplace the positive emphasis and influence that community, fellowship, and camaraderie should have on life behind the busy struggles for success.  It is so easy to get caught up in the up-hill battle for wealth or station or fame. But, the social strengths of the human mind is one of its greatest and most powerfully designed systems that facilitates in what is only recently scientifically understood as nearly an  integration of thoughts and emotions on levels of accurate attunement never before fathomed. It is undeniable that we are designed for communication of thought and emotion more so than any other creature. Through recently made available ways of analyzing brain regions during cognition within social settings, now more than ever, it’s clear—humans are social.

But the new understanding of the brain is a hollow, faceless fact that needs context and application to serve a purpose. There innumerable perspectives from which to think about the impact of having socially designed brains, but looking at it from a biblical vantage-point I believe is the most important place to look.
In a reading of The Word, it is not unclear that God’s direction and purpose always has been for people to be need and be needed by each other. It should not come to a surprise at all to discover that humans are designed to work in social settings. Very little of God’s Word is written directly to an individual. Most all of the scripture is geared to guiding and directing a body or group of people to work together in a harmony of love, will, and purpose in serving their creator. Only in a few instances did God ever direct individual people to do something, and in those cases the direction was usually given to a king or leader to direct a group of people. Think, David, Mosses. In cases like Abraham, God was thinking to the future of His People through Abraham and Sarah.

It would be easy to infer from just this observation that people are designed with the intention of working together. However, God did  not leave it up to us to infer His will in us relying on each other. No, many times has God revealed His will for us to fellowship with one another in His written Word.

--more to follow  


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