06 May 2012

The Real, Real World

I sometimes catch myself using the expression, "the real world" as though when things are going good or something is not as difficult as it normally is, that it is therefore not the "real world." But, I was just thinking, that maybe the "real world" is actually the opposite of what people always think that it is. Maybe the real world is the moments of life that are too sweet and perfect to be real and everything else is not the "real world," at least not in the way that it was supposed to be. Life is not and was never supposed to be difficult and painful. No, real life is when you are really living life and life is perfect, that is real-life as it was intended to be. Everything else is a moment lost to thoughtlessness where the true big-picture view of the "real world" is obscured by nearsighted overemphasis of small problems. My view of the "real world" is that the world has been overcome and a time of restoration is on the conveyor belt towards us right now. The real world is a world freed from pain and war and hurt--and anchored firm and securely to the hope. Just a before bed thought after a great day.


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