11 December 2012

Shadow of Sorrow

In the shadow of sorrow my heart beats slowly to the sound of tears falling to the ground.
In the starless dark night I search for you memory, the only light in my future.
In the silence staring/waiting/listening for your twinkling eyes to lift my heart’s fallen leaves. 
Brick by brick’s weight tall, the realization of your absence sinks me deep in melancholy.
The earth of my spirit is broken like clay music from the quake of your gone.
Only the grey-scale hope of past pictures turns back the pages of my life to a time of happiness.
All the light of my soul now rests within your memory, buried in a thick/sour dust of future alone.

"I think my goal in writing this was to write something that was sad, yet not quite understandable. I think that I succeeded at that"

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