17 December 2012

When Words Are Not Enough

It’s so surprise that words are not enough some times. Words are limited. They are just representations of meanings. We can take words and build a complex meaning from the relatively simple meaning of single words by building sentences, but there is a limit. We have all been at the point where there are words that we know and use, and then there is the meaning that we want to communicate. When we go to say that meaning, the words are not enough. It usually happens when we are trying to say something really important, tell someone what you really feel about them, say sorry for something, ask forgiveness, or ask for an apology.
It’s as though the human mind to invent words is not as great as our ability to feel and experience meaning. It’s as though our hearts are stronger than our minds. We have amazing minds, but they are weak compared to our hearts, which can understand things that our minds can’t, feel things that our minds don’t understand, and know things that our minds can’t grasp. The human heart is spectacularly deep and powerful. It can experience great depths of negatives and of positives, of love and hate, peace and disharmony, and a million other things—some of which words can’t discuss—only hearts.

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