04 December 2012

Commit to Commit

Some people complain that the Bible is too complicated and difficult to understand, that no rational God would communicate in such a way. I question that if he had written it in crayon or finger-painted out for us a nice little book that people would find any less occasion to complain. Had He written down a simple 100 
step guide, people would dislike the simplicity of it. If he randomly came out of bushes that burst into pink fire, people would ask why he can't just show up in person. If God showed up in person, they would question why a powerful God would reduce himself to such things. If he spoke only from mountain tops and clouds, people would be upset that he didn't come down in person to talk to them when he wanted to say something to them.
The critic can always find an excuse to act the part of a critic. Having a critical mind and making the effort to scrutinize things is important, but there comes a point where being a critic is a form of cowardice--a non-committal excuse to believe in nothing except the inability to believe anything firmly.
Perhaps there is a place in thought for decision and commitment to belief. Perhaps there is a reason to use reason--draw a conclusion even. I find it the ultimate paradox that people who fancy themselves as resting on a higher intellectual tier than others dismiss their ability to know anything for certain. Knowledge has a way of making people stupid. Wisdom has a way of making people smart. It's easy to get that confused.
Had God written down a theological defense of himself, people would complain that there is more to being human than crunching data and facts. I really don't mind the way God chose to communicate. It has worked for thousands of years.


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