16 September 2012

The Transformation

In the past my heart was broken and bled,
I was a lost soul falling into a fading future
No matter what I ate, I never felt fed
Nothing that I depended on was truly sure

I was searching for answers everywhere,
Heart so empty I could hear my lost voice echo inside
I’d look in the mirror and see only me in despair
My smile was a lie that I tried to hide behind

It’s difficult to imagine that was me
The worry, pain, and confusion I’ve forsaken
When you find the Truth it makes you free
The change that God makes can't be mistaken

No matter what the color of the skies
Even if they rained down from above
I will one day look into my Savior’s eyes
One day I will hear the angles sing of God's love

I have that as an ever present hope ahead
The weight of the world can't hold me down
The path is right and I won't be mislead
I am one story of many that speak of His renown


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