14 September 2012

OK Without God

It’s true that people can do ok in life without God in many ways, but for those who try, there is always going to be an empty place that God was supposed to occupy. People can stick a lot of other things into that space and it numbs the emptiness--but only partially.. However, there are certain times in life where it is absolutely impossible to get around the fact that we need God. Today, I was reminded of the fact that God has changed me more than I realize. For me, I understand why I’m living, where I’m going, and where I’ll end up. For people without God, they don’t have the types of clarified answers that I do. They may have answers the difficult questions such as purpose and meaning for life, but the answers fall short in situations that are very serious.

For instance, a colleague of mine recently experienced the death of a grandparent, then, a few weeks later, mother was gone too. Even for those with God, that would be very traumatic, but this colleague of mine is in a much worse place—one where God is a silly “belief”. When asked to sign a condolence card, I was at a loss at what to say. What is there to say, “At least your mother lived for a while, though cancer did end her life sooner than normal, at least she existed for the moment that she did, and she will live on in the memories of her loved ones until they die too?”

Being trapped within such a hopeless state of emotional pain, numbed only by time and perhaps alcohol until memory fades away and the bloody truth is forgotten--those thoughts hurt me to consider. Thinking about what this person must be feeling and thinking hurt me. Just imaging—empathizing—is more than I can stand.

With God it’s simple, still painful, but the passing of a loved one is just that, a passing. It’s not a final farewell. With God, life has a purpose and meaning. We live to serve God. God loves us, we love Him back. We get to live forever and serve Him more. It’s simple and explains so much.

What would you tell someone who believes and will perhaps never see a loved one again? What would you do?


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