16 September 2012

Awe of God's Word

There is no substitute for reading the Bible. There is no other book or book written about the Bible that compares to it. I have recently read several great Bible-based books and books about people living lives dedicated to an inspiring extent to God. The books made me laugh out loud at some points and cry at others and shake my head in awe. But, no matter how great any book I’ve ever read, they lack something that is difficult to define that the Bible only has. There is a depth to the God’s words that makes them so much more than anything else written. It’s perplexing and deep. Just a few verses from the Bible can occupy a mind for days or hours.

Other books have a momentary appealing nature to them, but once read, it fades away and there is little desire to read them again. Yet, the Bible becomes more and more exciting to read and re-read. It has a depth that can never be overestimated. Years ago before I had much understanding of the what was in the Bible, I had this idea of what it contained. The unfolding of greater understanding over the course of time has dwarfed my guesses of the Biblical depth of God’s Word. I am amazed at how I can still be amazed at the things that I read. I can’t name anything from any other author that I have read fifty times and still find myself overwhelmed with amazement and that I can still cherish.

God’s Word is probably only a reflection of God through a foggy mirror, which only partially reveals the magnitude of God, and yet the magnitude of that foggy reflection is an idea that I still can’t fathom to ever be able to fully grasp. If you have not read the Bible for a while, I encourage you to pick it up. Pick up a modern translation like the ESV or NIV, and read something that God wanted you to know. Think about it; think deeply about it. Don’t rush through it and breath in the meaning in long deep breaths. There is a world of perplexity, love, simple truth, and hope waiting to be illuminated in your mind, and to illuminate your heart. Maybe give it a read if you haven’t.

Do you relate to my appreciation of God’s Word? Have you yet experienced the awe of God revealed in His Word yet?


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