21 September 2012

A Prayer

Oh, LORD my God, surly you are great.
Your ways are the ways of uprightness, and the example of perfection.
You speak and the mountains melt as though they were ice thrown into the furnace.
Your power is greater than all the legions of the hands of darkness gathered together with one accord.
Darkness flees before your presence, the sound of your voice splinters the ground beneath my enemies, the hearts of brave worriers become as dust when they see your might.
 Wholly I am blessed profoundly and so vastly are my blessing that a lifetime of journey could not carry me from them.
 My adversary calls my name and violently condemns me to my face and comes up quickly to destroy me, but you my God turn your heart of compassion and mercy towards me, you deliver me from the encompassing armies formed against me.
You turn your might against my enemies and they flee until their feet bleed, and they cry at last in the far wilderness, tired and weary they do perish those who rise against me.
My God, my eyes do recognize your greatness, and my heart proclaims with joy overflowing your unyielding love. My table breaks under the stress of the blessings you have laid upon it, surly I am unable to eat even a portion of your rich gifts you abundantly poured on me for they are so vast.
 Of myself I produce corruptness and folly, yet your immeasurable grace you poor over me till I am cleaned once more.
Though you have just cause to condemn me, you throw the judgment down thunderously and it shatters on the ground and it is trampled on until it turns to fine powder and blows away forgotten and seen no more.
Joy overflows within me until my eyes overflow abundantly. I am tossed in a sea of doubt and frustration; drowning in despair I shout a cry of wretched fear but the sound of my destruction crushes my voice and I myself cannot even hear it, I desperately stretch my hands to you, and you answer my need.
 Your mighty hand, my God, it stretches down from above and lifts me up out of my darkest hour and sets me above the power of darkness geared against me, and from above I look down and no longer do I fear because I know you brought me safely to where you are.
 The powers of the world do rise to destroy me, but they find no strength to stand, and they fall before me because of your presence.


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