05 July 2012

That's How You Will Know

I’ll keep looking for you always,
I don’t know where I’ll find you,
But I’ll find you I’m sure

I’ll know I’ve found you when I do,
I’ll know I found you because…
You will be realizing you found me too
We will be together a moment of realization

We’ll take each other’s hands,
And freely give each other our heart’s

We won’t be afraid to let love grow,
And love will thrive
We will be surprised at how quickly and how strongly love will grow

That’s how I’ll know I’ve found you,
I’ll quit thinking about I and think about us
Wherever there was a thought of me,
There will be a singular word—we

You won’t have to wonder if I do,
But I won’t ever grow tired of telling you

That’s how you will know you found me

I won’t be flawless, but I’ll be yours,
I will be sorry when I say I am

And, I’ll tell you you’re wrong if you are,
I won’t pretend either of us is perfect,
And I won’t pretend that you need to be for me to love you

I’ll hold you when you cry,
But it will hurt me inside to see

I’ll be jealous for you,
Think about you until it’s time to dream about you

I’ll fight for you, be on your side even if you’re not

I’ll love you for who you are,
See beauty where people see flaws

That’s how you will know that you have found me
That’s why you need to keep looking

They will know that we found each other when they see us together

It will be as clear as the ringing of church bells

The was me make each other smile,
And the way we talk together

When I ask you the question,
When you tell me yes,

That’s how they will know that we have found each other
Wherever you are, I’ll be searching for you

One day I’ll tell you in person,
I love you
On that day you will know it’s me


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