21 July 2012

A Life Hidden

Every painful hurt-filled memory,
Reminds me of a past I can’t bear to see

I want to stop running and escape
The life that I try to leave behind

The guilt has been too heavy to lift,
the darkness keeps on clouding my mind

I want to leave the past where it belongs
And let light sink in where it’s long been gone

I remember a distant few words
From so far away I’d forgotten that I’d heard

Faintly at first the words rush to mind,
Take hold of my heart and speak to me

“It was Christ who died to set you free
From yourself and guilty suffering”

“The record of wrong has been pardoned”
I have nailed your guilt to the cross”

 “Your life is hidden with Christ in God”
The Lord gives you your inheritance”

“The blood of redemption has been shed
Forgiveness is part of your past now”


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