28 June 2012

A Change in Pace

The heat of bright summer sun left the air feeling burnt and crisp as darkness dawned across the horizon. The smell of heat was thick and soaked into the mood of evening—a lazy eased back calm. Too hot to be in a hurry, the default relaxed mode was a well-deserved break from the hurry that brimmed in all’s hearts since spring had unfolded its arms towards the sky in months already past. A mellow rhythm of night crickets and frogs steadily droned in an evening that otherwise sat contemplatively and reflected on the year so far. The sweltering heat of the day was the needed forced reprieve from toil that would never have dared be and for that reason was a welcome trial of endurance that only necessity could muster the strength to bear. So within the infinite folds of disposed to-do lists that littered the roads of productivity in the past months, today was marked by a pause, a breath and a sigh that glided soothingly out of the lungs. Like the period at the end of a sentence, so was the day; marking the end of a thought—spring and early summer—but also signaling that more was yet to come. The winding road of summer winds on into the future—but perhaps the pace will be set by sunrise and sunset now.


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