28 July 2012

Stop God's Lights from Dimming

The statement is a favorite Christian obsession, “To be saved is a simple confession”
But the goal of life never really was salvation, or a form of soul consolation
The end-goal of life is not just one decision that sidesteps the ultimate collision
It’s great to confess and to have believed, but being a Christian is more than having received
God’s gift is meant to share, for us to be giving; it’s a gift that should change the way we’ve been living
The love that’s been poured into our hearts puts us in a place of responsibility to do our parts
Yes we have God’s mercy, love, and grace, but that should not blind us to the pain on a stranger’s face
We’ll fight and argue ‘cause we have the truth to prove, but how often does God's love make us move?
All of our words say we love our Father, but when it comes time to show it, we don’t bother
Jesus paid our debt with one final sacrifice, we accept his gift but then reject his advice
It sounds like I’m pointing fingers and condemning, but we are God’s lights—and we're dimming
Where is the fight, the fervor, the fire to push back, we’re in a war to win the world that’s under attack
Jesus was not a pacifist sitting in standby, he set the example for us to both live and die by
He was willing to stand up for those who were lost, push-back and clear away the cold religious frost
How do we serve when we don't want to make a truth stand? Why don't we do more than take from God's hand?


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