16 June 2012

A Prayer

You my Father are the foundation of strength that upholds me in the day of my trouble.
Your mercy is forever and your grace sweeps away my iniquity from me.
Your tender, nurturing arms enfold me, they lift me up, raise my spirit within me.
Where darkness and despair creep in to swallow me up, when my heart falters within me,
You reach through the trouble and bring triumph to my side and place it in my hand.
In the cool shade of your steadfast light I abide in a powerful peace of heart.
You do not forsake your children in their days of need; you come to them with unmatchable might and make war on their behalf.
When waves rear their heads to push me down, there is calm waters within your harbor.
Searching the full depth of your love is the labor of a lifetime and brings great joy and strength within.
To seek out your instruction is the greatest honor to kings, yet given to the lowliest the low.


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