04 June 2012

Risking Regret

I’m just going to say it, let the weight of my heart convey it
Spill everything out and just hope that you don’t betray it
Maybe it’s what you want to hear, or maybe it’s a living fear
No matter what happens now, at least you were here

I hope you don’t run away, suddenly run out of anything to say
Leave me in yesterday, pick up and run the other way
Love is about risking regret, sometimes driving a reckless heart right into the sunset
And give and take, and taking nothing but bad and giving up what we had

Even about being willing to be truly be mad at me
Look out for me, stop and see when there’s something sad in me
Being able to find forgiveness as fast as tears can rebound
Getting lost in the good that’s made, made to be found

So please excuse me for choosing you for everyday
You have the power to shake me and misuse me in every way
The pain of losing something is at least filled with memories
And that’s gain compared to pain of feeling only misery 

I’m brave enough to tell the truth, face the tidal wave
Look you in the eyes and say the words I’ve tried to save
I love you so much more than I thought I ever could
I love you so much that I can’t ignore it even if I should


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