20 January 2013

There is Always a Choice

We are ultimately in charge of our lives, even in the decision to believe we are not in charge. We always have the choice. There is always a choice, and we are always the one who has to make that choice. It is a scary thing sometimes to have that much say over our lives. It’s easy to try run away from that truth, yet impossible to actually get away. Trying to get away from being in charge is somewhat like in the movies when someone is trying to run away from a villain who can materialize anywhere he wants to. Every time the protagonist opens a door or turns to get away, he finds himself looking straight into the face of the one he is fleeing from. It is the same way with our responsibility, from our in-charge-ness. Even if we give it up to someone else, we always have the ability to change our mind, as long as we have our minds, we are in charge and have decisions. As long as there is a decision, you are in charge.
Trying to run will never relieve the stress of being in charge. You were born a leader, a leader of your life. So lead. Lead in whatever direction is right. 

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