22 January 2013

Gun Control, People Control, Self-control

I agree that if we took all the guns from everyone, we would have fewer deaths by guns obviously, whether or not that would cause other crimes to rise or not is highly debated. Honestly though, I don’t think the real problem is guns at all. I am a big supporter of taking responsibility for actions as individuals, as a nation, as a whole--always.

We are aiming our anger at an easy target, the gun, when the gun is just an object that needs to be empowered by a human hand. It is not fair or honest to point fingers at guns when it was a human finger and will that ultimately is pulling the trigger on that gun.

You see, guns have been around for a long time and we have not had the problems that we have today. My father tells of when he was a kid, it was perfectly normal for kids to drive to school with full gun-racks in their trucks. No one thought the wiser about it because no one was massacring anyone. Now, something has changed to where having guns at school is a terrifying thought. What changed? We have changed, the guns are the same as they always were.

And here is my point. People are the problem. I think that the most terrifying thing about school shootings is that it reflects just how dangerous we are. In the most recent shooting where innocent first grader children were executed, we see an evil that we have not seen so clearly in a number of 
years—at least not so close—and the reminder of what humans are capable of is terrifying.

But, taking away guns won’t fix the people. We as a nation have become a people of violence. I don’t wish to live as a member of a society that wishes to kill one another but cannot, but to live in a society that wishes to do good for each other--one that where I do not need to be protected from each other. That will not occur unless we are honest and focus on the things that are at the root of the violence. We need to take action to raise kids up with care and nurturing them to where they would never consider doing the things that they are capable of doing. We need to fix the people. We need self-control, not gun control.

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