08 January 2013

Don't Listen to Your Heart

There is a lot of talk about the heart. We talk about broken hearts. Stolen hearts. Hearts on fire for someone. The villain in Spiderman advises the other side of his personality to "attack the heart." We talk about giving our heart away to someone. The heart is really important yet it seems that most people don't really understand the heart.

It's well-intended and frequently given advise to listen to our heart, but that is terrible advice. We should listen to our heart, like we listen to the Devil--with caution knowing that it is probably a partial truth. Our heart is by nature a problem we need to fix through ingraining the thoughts and wisdom of God into it. We must teach ourselves by God's Word what is right and then do that. Whoever told you to listen to your heart was either  very misinformed, trying to hurt you, or had a good heart and didn't realize that most other people do not have good hearts from the start. We need to work and train our hearts. Kind David prayed for help in fixing his heart.

You could say that ever since Adam sinned, the problem of being human has been fixing our hearts that have been given up to darkness. So, whatever you do, don't trust your heart. Trust God. Ask God to help you. Put God's Word into your heart and push out the darkness. Then and only then can you trust your heart. It's always better to trust God. In all things trust God.


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