19 November 2012

It's OK, not being perfect

I don’t know about you, but a feeling of perfecting is far more common than a feeling of perfection. Seeking perfection is a cruel business and pays poorly.
Everyone wants to be perfect but no one is. If we seek out to become something that we will never become, then we will never find success. We may as well be looking for the fountain of youth or a city of gold. The difference between your friends watching you get in a boat to search for a land made of gold and them watching you try to be perfect is they don’t see anything wrong with you trying to be perfect. All that means is that your friends and most other people are caught in the same trap as you. They want something that they can’t have and are disappointed when their rational brains argue with them about it.
The fact of the matter is we are all still being made; we are all paintings still in the works. Rather than look at what’s not yet done, it makes more sense to focus on what things are done and descent. But, no matter what, your painting will never be perfect—no painting ever is.
I for one try to spend less time touching-up what I've done and more time painting what I haven’t. I’m going to do what most painters do and tell people that that one big thing in the middle of the painting—I did that on purpose. There is only so much time to work on one painting, I’d rather have the whole canvas painted in colors, than one corner looking pretty good at the end of this life.

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