18 February 2012

Immeasurable is God's Love

Immeasurable is the Greatness of Our God’s Love

One day I decided to find a way to measure just how much is God’s love
I knew that God’s love was great, it would be a challenge that I was sure of

Starting with something easy, I started with something I thought was surely small
“It should be simple to find God’s love for just me, then multiply if for all”

It took ten fingers and ten toes twice, a calculator, both ears, and the tip of my nose,
But when I got done counting, there was still more than all the digits calculator shows

Scratching my head I realized that God’s love could not be measured in numbers,
Of course not, God can’t be calculated with equations, that’s much too cumbersome

I was excited that God’s love was greater than all the numbers I could add
But I was not ready to quit just yet, there were some other ways to measure I still had

So, I took out a ruler to measure God’s love, every little bit down to the final inch
Before staring, I thought to myself “this is much better this is sure to be a cinch”  

With my ruler I started measuring every little bit of God’s love that I could see
I measured high and low far and near, then I realized God’s love was all around me

Discouraged I wondered aloud, “why does God leave so much love just lying around”
“Honestly, it seems to me, that there is not a single place God’s love is not found”

Thinking fast, I found another way, it would take some time but was sure to be a success
I would take a measuring cup, and find the volume of love--of my ideas this was the best

After but a minute of measuring, I realized this task was going to get the best of me,
I needed something much bigger than what I use to measure out my favorite recipe

I thought to find something bigger, it came to me “maybe ballrooms would be big enough”
I tried to find a way to measure with the biggest ballroom, but I found the task too tough

It was only then that I understood, that God’s love can’t be measured in any amount
No matter what measure you use, God’s love is way too great to ever count

I sat down to write it in words, but after but a sentence, I realized it was impossible
God’s love is greater, big beyond all understanding and is always unsurpassable  

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