06 November 2011

Lost in Falling

At a place where the earth and water wrestle with each other. Where wind kisses bare skin, and dries small droplets of water glistening in the sun. At a time when tall tufts of gentle white clouds migrated across the piercing deep blue sky. While seagulls chattered, and dry blades of grass rustled like the ruffling of clothing in a still room. 

As our eyes met, it was not meeting the eyes of a stranger, or even of a friend. It was bigger and stronger than that. It was like seeing every single wish, every dream, every joy, and every moment of happiness I had ever dared imagine could be, it was me meeting forever, it was realizing that forever was real.

The past and the future faded like shadows into the night leaving the two of us standing alone together like actors on stage but it was no act, it was real. Every worry and care evaporated like early morning mist. Everything that had been or would have been collided in a single moment and changed the way we would remember the past and the way we would live our futures. We both fell into something much bigger and stronger than over-the-counter love-at-first-sight. We fell into forever, an ocean of forever. The love had always been there but incomplete, a heart without a beat, or a breath without air to breathe. It was as though we had always loved each other; and over all of the years, up to the moment, it had been building and growing.

It was as much a knowing as a feeling, as much a feeling as a knowing, and both a feeling and a knowing too powerful to embrace, like a child trying to hug the sky or the sun that drifts above. We know the sun is there, but we cannot look at it, it is cloaked in an eternal luminescence too powerful to look at and a size beyond imagination. But we can feel its warmth on our skin even on the coldest winter day, we can see springtime uncoil like popcorn when its rays begin to dance for a few more hours above the horizon. The love in that moment was strong and bold and eternal, I could sense it sweeping me up within it, a wave powerful and unstoppable, more than everything had ever hoped it could be. No word can be said against such unfathomable love. No heart can escape from forever.


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