08 October 2011

A Single Moment of Peace

The wind quietly ushered in the night as the sun lay down to rest its hot temper in the quiet of sleep. The trees’ leaves brushed lowly like the feet of a polite audience. A reluctant moon muttered about work while swaying back and forth with sleep still in eyes, but overcoming the mountain of fatigue at last resumed its place at the peak of the night sky. The stars followed order; slowly they filled the stadium of sky, blinking quickly like excited children at an awe-strikingly amusing show. Earth sat quietly enjoying the peaceful calm, a serenade of night creatures placidly droned a soothing background whir that sounded on ear-strings like a soothing note. The damp night air wrapped around, pouring out its coolness like a gentle mountain waterfall—clean and pure. The smell of fresh air was strong enough to be tasted and drowned out the remainder of discontent. For a moment, the moment was accounted sufficient and contentment sighed out a long restrained breath and inhaled a deep breath of satisfaction—Peace.


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