30 September 2011

Heart. Ache.

Your love is the blood my broken heart bleeds
Your love is the falling tears on my shirt sleeves

Your love is the medicine my broken heart needs
Your love is the lie that I still foolishly believe

You left me love-torn standing alone in the street,
Listening to sound of my broken heart beat

Had I known how much it hurt to walk in these shoes
I would have done things different, it’s you I’d choose

I know it’s true, but I still can’t believe your gone
and no matter what, I still can’t figure out how to move on

My friends tell me time heals all things, be strong
But I’m no better, and I wonder if maybe they’re wrong

I sit at home for you waiting silently all alone
I long to hear your voice coming through my phone

When I go out at night I still hope we will meet
When I go out with my friends, I still save you a seat

You were more than I ever knew life could be
I didn’t know it until my tears made it plane to see

Like a spotlight, mistakes shine brightly in my past
Where love lost, there will be pain that will ever last

I can’t undo love, and I can’t fix hurt in hindsight
I can only ask forgiveness, and try make things right\


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