16 October 2013

Spirit of Power and Love and a Sound Mind

Sometimes even after memorizing a Bible verse years ago, I come to understand what it is saying or perhaps the wisdom of it. I believe that happened today when I was thinking about one of my favorite verses. 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” In the past I always just thought of this verse as saying that I should be loving and fearless and disciplined because that is the spirit that God has given me. I essentially didn’t read anything from it. Today, however, I was thinking about it and realized there is more to it than that. What if there is a reason that we have been given a spirit for those three things specifically?
We have been given a spirit of power, that is the strength to do something not to be helpless or subject to control easily. We have also been given a spirit of love, God is love, and love is the ultimate goal of being a Christian. It is a way of being that puts us in alignment with God to do and be what we should be. And we have been given a spirit of self-control, which enables us to choose what to do at the right time, to be disciplined. All of these things can work together in a very meaningful and synergistic way.
First off, we have the strength to do something.. Second, we have the ability to control ourselves to do something. And last, we know what love is so we can use our power and internal will to bring about love.
That is only part of the verse! The depth of scripture is rich and nutritious.


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