28 June 2013

Universal Suffering

Suffering is not a uniquely you experience. It’s an easy thing to pity ourselves when we believe that we are going through things that no one else has ever gone through, that we are alone in our sufferings. That is not the case though. There has never been a single person on this Earth that has not had to endure suffering. Certainly it’s true that we don’t all suffer in the same way or perhaps to the same extent. But we all suffer  in some way.

It’s easy to become angry and even offended when we suffer if we think that suffering is somehow undeserved, not that suffering when we think we deserve it is really accepted by any means, the feels are just not aggravated by the injustice of it. When going through a difficult time, it’s important to keep in mind that the suffering is not personal, it’s actually really impersonal. That is just the way that the world is. There is going to be pain and turmoil of some sort at some time – probably daily.

The next time you are suffering, look at the people around you and realize that they have probably gone through some version of the pain that you are going through or perhaps are. You are not alone in suffering. The world is not out to get you, it’s out to get everyone. It’s not personal.  


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