24 March 2013

Stained Glass Windows Distort the Light

What would it look like if everyone lived by the laws that Yahweh, the God of the Christians, set in place for us? It’s a difficult thought experiment, but let’s take a moment or two to consider it. I’ve heard and hear a lot of opposition to Christianity; such as, it will hamper our rights, limit us, prevents us from having fun, or has us live in ignorance. I understand where all the criticisms raised against Christianity come from. I understand that why they are leveled at Christians.
Truth be told about the matter, I understand why those outside Christianity feel the way they do. The glass windows that outsiders must look through to learn about Christianity are distorted, and like stained-glass filter and misrepresent what is seen when looking through. For starters, it’s difficult to define what it is to be a Christian when one attempts to nail down a set of definitions or characteristics. What is worse, there are many confessing and professing Christians that are themselves not any closer to living the lives that God intends for them than those perplexed individuals who peer from outside the Church inwards through those stained- glass windows. However, such “Christians” do not serve as an example, but as an obfuscating factor. These so labeled Christians must not be mistaken as representative examples of Christianity. They may be and often are lumped into the category of “Christianity” by those outside of Christians. Yet, from the shoes and the standpoint where I come from, I do not consider many Christians to be Christian at all. In the same way, there are other Christians perhaps more devout and more thoroughly devoted to God who would look at me and say something similar about me. We could very easily spend what I suppose would take the rest of our lives discussing and disputing about what it is to be a Christian, but I think that for the sake of effectiveness, we can look at the general major points for which most all Christians agree upon.
So getting back at the original purpose of all this, what would it look like if everyone was Christian in an active and general sense?
To begin to address this question, let’s outline some major attributes that we would expect to find in any Christen actively living their faith. We would find general decencies in their behavior of course. Honesty always, and that means telling the truth as well as not trying to misrepresent one’s self to appear in any way to be something that they are not.
We would also expect to find kindness. Every opportunity for a courtesy would be taken, and taken serious at that. No one would ever have a door closed in their face, elevators would be held as long as there was room on it to accoidate another person.
Fairness would be a given. We would not have to spend time checking and double-checking those we do business with to ensure that they are upholding their end of the deal and being fair in their pricing. People would only price items at a cost necessary to provide for themselves a living. No one would ever steal, so houses would not need to have locks on them to prevent people from stealing. After all, thievery is just a form of being unfair. It would also be impossible for anyone to argue that they are stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Remember that people would be completely fair.
This gets us to the point of greed and riches. Prosperity is not a sin for Christians, but to hored riches while others perish is. This means that if everyone was Christian, then there would be no poverty, so no one would even have a need to steal. You see, generosity and giving are also parts of what it means to be a Christian. Rather than with greed and lust, to store up large sums of money, people would simply seek out opportunities to give money to those in need. Whenever someone had a bad stretch of luck, another Christian would simply reach out and give to help out. After all, that is a very basic tenant of Christianity—give to the needy.
This brings us to another point of Christianity. Christians are supposed to live in harmony with one another. To fellowship with each other, to build each other up and to encourage each other. In this way, there would be no loneliness because people would actively seek each other out to spend time with each other. And that makes sense, because who why would anyone want to be alone when everyone is nice and kind to one another. Essentially, there would be no enemies—only friends.
People would also not ever be unhappy because the joy that is before them would be a stay in times of darkness and days of pain. Anchored to the hope of the future glory and honor and beauty of the presence of God, even times of difficulty would simply be floated over like a small wave against the hull of a great ship. Why worry about a wave when we are sailing ever closer to a final and beautiful destination. We would exchange myopic worries for the focus of our future glories.This is not to say that everyone would live in a perpetual euphoria. No, it is more of an overarching peace.
Speaking about peace, there would be no war either. Why fight and kill? There would be no selfish and ambitious propellant to drive hearts to war. The greed and lust for power and fame would not live in anyone, nor would anyone dare consider killing his Brothers or Sisters.
So far, I’ve not said anything about love. In a way, love is really the principle behind ever one of the principles so far discussed. It nearly goes without saying that love would virally infect everyone.
There would still be natural problems. The world is not a perfect place, even if the people on it behaved so. There would still be doubts and tornadoes and landslides, and the pain that accompanies such disaster would still persist, but what would not persist would be the deep sorrow and hardship that normally springs from such hurt. If someone were to perish, as a Christian, his or her hope would have been secured and their spirit saved. If there were hunger, again, other Christians would fill in the need from their own stocks.
All in all, it would be as close to perfect as possible.


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